Stylised letter 'D' for Darlinghurst
Stylised letter 'D' for Darlinghurst


This project was supported by the Australian Centre for Public History, UTS and the Paul Ramsay Foundation, using material from the City of Sydney Archives.

A place with a rich past

My aim for this project was to delve into the history of the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst using the fascinating data and materials held in the collections of this city’s most important cultural institutions.

What emerged was a snapshot of one street in the city; a place with a rich, layered past which covered…

Infographic showing different source material

I would like to thank my project collaborators, Nick Clark (software engineer) and Wing Pang (designer/illustrator), and the Australian Centre for Public History’s, Professors Anna Clark and Tamson Pietsch, along with former centre manager, Gabrielle Kemmis and current centre manager Freya Newman.

I acknowledge and appreciate the support of the Paul Ramsay Foundation on this project, without which it would not have come to fruition.

I would also like to thank Dr Lisa Murray, Laila Ellmoos and Linda Brainwood for their feedback and expertise, as well as Janet Villata, Ben Arnfield and the rest of the staff at the City of Sydney Archives for their invaluable specialist knowledge.

To learn more about the data which forms the basis for this project, read more.

Nicole Cama


Historian, writer: Nicole Cama (

Web developer: Nick Clark (

Designer/illustrator: Wing Pang (


Supported by

Australian Centre for Public History, UTS

Paul Ramsay Foundation

Source material

City of Sydney Archives

State library of NSW

National Library of Australia

State Archives Collection, Museums of History NSW

Further reading


City of Sydney’s Barani website and Data Hub

Dictionary of Sydney

National Library of Australia’s Trove


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