Stylised letter 'D' for Darlinghurst
Stylised letter 'D' for Darlinghurst

Street Data

About the data

The geographical focus for this project is Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst and covers the built environment and demographic data dating between the 1850s and 1940s.

The Assessment Books in the City of Sydney Archives form the core source material of this website. They detail ownership, occupation, construction and value for properties within the City of Sydney local government area from 1845 to 1948.

Explore the structure types, landlords and ratepayers and full data set in the graphs and table below.

Structure Type (1851-1948)

This graph shows the type of structures which occupied Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst between 1851 and 1948. For the sake of clarity, the structure types have been standardised, for example records of cottages or dwellings on the street have been changed to houses, or public houses to the more generic, ‘hotel’.

Hover over the structure types to see the relevant bar graph colours or click on them to filter them out of the bar graph.

Gender (landlords and ratepayers)

This chart shows the gender of landlords and ratepayers on Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst between 1851 and 1948.

The gender of the landlords and ratepayers was not recorded in the original records. Assumptions have been made about gender based on names commonly associated with males and females at the time. Where the names appear ambiguous (i.e. could apply to either females or males), or as initials, the gender is recorded as ‘unknown’.

Assessment Book Data (1851 - 1948)

The data for this project dates from 1851 as the listings on Liverpool Street in the preceding books of 1845 and 1848 do not appear to fall within the boundary lines of the present suburb of Darlinghurst.

In the table below, the data has been cleaned for consistency and to allow for filtering, instances where there was no data are indicated by 'not recorded' or a dash in the case of the gross annual value.

The original data for the assessment books can be found on the City of Sydney Council's website.

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